Aluminium bottle neck foils add sophistication as well as tamper evidence

The Rich, Dark, and Satisfying Stout was launched in Solution Spotlight March 2020 for Nigerian Stout lovers. It is a brand-new product of International Breweries Plc. The drink is made to deliver incomparable richness, smoothness and tastiness to its consumers.

Image of Aluminium bottle neck foils add sophistication as well as tamper evidence



Extra special satisfaction

Trophy Stout invites the consumer to “Experience the richness” and this message carries through to its bold packaging design. It’s 600ml bottle is decorated with both a pressure sensitive front label and an exclusive gold neck foil.

The addition of the neck foil label gives an extra dimension to the package and distinguishes it as a premium brand.

Function and beauty

Aluminum neck foils not only improve the appearance of the bottle but also provide hygienic protection as well as tamper evidence. The material does not harbor or promote the growth of bacteria and is sterile following thermal treatment during its production process. The technology hasproven to perform extremely well on twist caps. The foil can be easily removed for consumption thanks to a special layer on the inside of the foil, combined with a tear-off perforation beneath the bottle closure.

These labels effortlessly adapt to any bottleneck shape and can be customized with embossing and debossing, as well as with luminous and thermosensitive inks.


Sustainable solutions

Our unique position at MCC allows for multiple labelling options. In this case, the combination of the neck foil and pressure sensitive label not only creates a premium effect but both are sustainable solutions. Designed for returnable bottles, the aluminium label as well as the Pressure Sensitive, ThermoWash™ label can be easily removed during the bottle washing process.