Ancient Lakes Finds a Win-Win Solution with Digital Printing

Ancient Lakes is a family-owned company that has been harvesting natural salt from Lake Deborah in Australia for three generations. The salt gathered helps to produce the magnesium products Ancient Lakes creates for consumers. Research has shown that many people are not getting enough magnesium from their food intake alone, so these magnesium products are great additives to foods and drinks so consumers can maintain the correct magnesium levels in their body for improved health and wellbeing.

Image of Ancient Lakes Finds a Win-Win Solution with Digital Printing



The challenge

Ancient Lakes came to MCC looking for a label that would meet the design expectations they had in mind for the brand. They were seeking the prestigious look of foil elements, which would typically utilize hot foiling. However, the very fine details on the label in combination with a specific color palette for the metallic elements, made the use of traditional hot foiling problematic. Ancient Lakes also wanted to be able to be cost effective, since they only need short runs of product printed at a time. A label that lacked the “wow-effect” was not an option for the brand. They needed their labels to reflect the boutique premium nature of their products to portray their brand messaging and attract their target audience.


The solution: Digital printing

MCC assessed the requirements and provided the perfect solution for Ancient Lakes. The use of digital printing with metalized stock and laminate overlay produced copper, foil-like elements in very fine detail. Digital printing is also more cost effective with shorter run printing jobs. To top it off, the common label size across multiple products allowed the ganging of labels on the printing web, which proved to be another way to save costs without any compromise to label design.


Continued partnership

Ancient Lakes was very happy to both enhance their label aesthetic and save costs along the way. Great collaboration was shown between MCC and Ancient Lakes to execute this project together. It is important to fully understand and communicate needs so we can come to the right solution for the brand. MCC is proud to have Ancient Lakes as a partner and look forward to future projects.