The authentic juniper liqueur

Since 1924, Kranebet has been the authentic juniper liqueur. Inspired by and produced based on the ancient recipe of 1924, Kranebet is obtained from the distillation of juniper berries and other selected botanicals. It is a delicious liqueur to enjoy at the end of a meal, and excellent for the preparation of cocktails such as KranebeTonic.

Image of The authentic juniper liqueur



Kranebet Botanic Juniper Liqueur is produced by the Rossi d’Asiago 1868 distillery, which still uses a copper distiller with a bain-marie system. This system allows to extract from the botanicals the most characteristic aromatic notes of the product. 

Antiche Disillerie Riunite approached MCC because they were having challenges with their current supplier. Their current labels were having registration issues between the material of the upper part of the label and the plastic material of the lower part of the label. MCC proposed a solution to run the material in one pass, thus eliminating all registration problems.  

MCC also made suggestions to help improve some of the design aesthetics of the label. This ranging from the emboss, the shades, the color of the logo, and especially the design of the juniper berry, This main design element was completely redesigned to emphasize the details of the image.  

The customer was extremely satisfied with MCC’s technical solutions and graphic proposals and with the final result of the printing.