Celebration and Remembrance with Label Artwork

Vivid artwork and unique designs to celebrate an important holiday

Image of Celebration and Remembrance with Label Artwork



INDIO Beer celebrates and remembers Dia de los Muertos with unique label artwork.

One of the most important and renowned Mexican traditions is the famous ‘Dia de los Muertos’ or Day of the Dead in English, which celebrates the cultural heritage and legacy of past generations and is a day to remember loved ones who are no longer with us. INDIO Pueblos de México Unido labels are an initiative by Heineken México to invite the country to visit the towns that stand out with regard to this celebration. These unique labels were created by renowned Mexican artists presenting a variety of beautiful artwork.

The aim was to present them on their INDIO brand, showcasing a series of Limited Special Edition labels displaying these visually striking artworks.

MCC’s challenge was to bring this variety of complex, vivid artworks to life and make them stand out among all the options on market shelves. It all needed to be completed while delivering ultimate printing precision with CMYK registration on metalized substrate and white ink registration during a limited period of time.

The results were magnificent and highlight the best in class quality Gravure diamond engraving technology available to customers around the globe.

This campaign far exceeded the project goals, not just by effectively connecting Indio with its young and dynamic consumers, but transforming the packaging into a collectible item.”

Alejandro Goldschmied, Sales Director, Mex-Latam