Cowpunk Natural Wines

Cowpunk music is about being unvarnished, real, lacking in “gloss”: similar characteristics to natural wines, so we called this brand Cowpunk to capture both earthy naturalness, combined with a touch of edginess.

Image of Cowpunk Natural Wines




Using an all-natural approach for this all-natural wine, we designed Cowpunk’s packaging to be eco-friendly featuring reusable bottles with a swing-top closure. The labels, with their single colored print with no additional foils or glossy varnishes, aligns to the brand’s personality and environmentally-sensitive credentials. Simple infographics remove the need for copy-heavy notes on the back label.

Label Information

  • Producer – Cowpunk Wines

  • Designer Denomination

  • Photos provided by – Cowpunk Wines

  • Varietal(s) – Pet Nat, Pinot Noir, Prosecco & Pinot Gris

  • Printing – Conventional

  • Paper – Cotone Bianco Ultra

  • Embellishments – Deboss & Variable Date Stamps