Cream O’Naise Oxygen Barrier In-Mold

The reusable oxygen barrier In-Mold Packaging extends shelf life while standing our from the crowd

Image of Cream O’Naise Oxygen Barrier In-Mold



In August 2017, Clover surprised South African consumers with Cream O’Naise: a brand new, creamy mayonnaise in a rectangular Barrier IML packaging. Clover did not just put a new type of mayonnaise on the market with this product—the Barrier IML packaging also stands out on supermarket shelves thanks to its shape. As a promotion, customers buying Cream O’Naise get one reusable tub as an extra, giving them a great incentive to start collecting the entire range of six different tubs. 

With its rectangular shape and large opening, the reusable tub immediately draws customers’ eyes to our product on the shelves. It soon became clear that we could only achieve our marketing requirements by using an IML packaging—or more specifically, oxygen barrier IML, because mayonnaise should have a shelf life of at least six months as standard.

Edith Molepo, Senior Brand Manager at Clover

The challenge was to increase the shelf life of the product to at least 6 months, while creating a unique package that highlights the key differentiator of the product—the only mayonnaise to include cream for an extra smooth taste and consistency. We used oxygen barrier IML, which extends the shelf life to at least 6 months, while preserving the best possible taste and aroma. Additionally, this material is dishwasher and microwave safe and can be stacked to save space. The final product was a reusable tub with a rectangular shape and large opening, which stands out on shelf. The range of products consists of six tubs, each with a different label: crayons, coins, buttons, cookies, keys, or teabags. The hope is that this will inspire our customers to find new uses for the storage tubs. There’s a message for customers on the label wrapped around the mayonnaise tub: “Once you have scooped the creamiest last drop, don’t discard your Cream O’Naise Tub, simply remove the wrapper and fill the unique tub with your personal favorites!” Edith Molepo, Senior Brand Manager at Clover