Creating Softsoap’s Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Labels

Getting into the holiday spirit is a tradition for Colgate’s Softsoap division.

Each year, Colgate launches new SKUs of their Softsoap brand around holidays and seasons like winter, spring, summer, Halloween and Christmas. Consumers can experience not just the pleasing, seasonal scents of the products, but an overall packaging experience to help them celebrate in small ways throughout their daily routines.

Image of Creating Softsoap’s Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Labels



How did we capture the spookiness of Halloween on their labels?

The Colgate team came to MCC with the idea of creating glow in the dark labels for their soaps back in 2019. Technology existed, but it was new to the York and Asheville plants that regularly produced labels for Colgate when we first started the project. Understanding what went into the glow in the dark process with inks, materials, and timing had MCC on a learning curve that we were determined to master.

Shedding light on the glow in the dark process.

From the start, MCC determined the Softsoap pressure sensitive labels would be printed with flexography technology using specialized glow in the dark ink. We successfully printed one of the SKUs in 2019 and carried over our learnings into the years to come.

By 2021, we streamlined our process and really came through for the customer; meeting their expectations and earning their continued business.

How did we add value for Colgate?

  • Faster speed to market
  • High quality printing
  • Improved overall cost
  • Dedicated support

We’re so proud, it’s scary.

Making the glow in the dark soaps come to life has us celebrating more than just the Halloween holiday – this is a story of the growth, learning, and dedication of our MCC team to really make the customers happy. To lift your own spirits this holiday, learn more about seasonal Softsoaps available near you!