Desperados Virgin 0,0%

NOLO: With the increase of the health conscious consumer, the beer industry has seen a rise in demand for low or non-alcoholic beer. Take, for example the UK where the market for no and low-alcohol beer has doubled in four years, (source Global Data).

Image of Desperados Virgin 0,0%



Brewers are responding to this demand by offering no alcohol alternatives for their biggest brands. Heineken has already seen success with its Heineken 00 brand and, after an initial launch in France, is embarking on a global roll out of Desperados Virgin 0.0%. 

100% taste. 0% Alcohol 

Keeping all of the brand’s best-loved features, Desperados has launched a zero alcohol variant. The product is aimed towards those looking for a non alcoholic alternative while still seeking excitement and adventure. Available in parts of Europe from early 2021, the product will expand into additional markets throughout the year. 

This innovation tells a powerful and unique story, recruiting new consumers, unlocking new occasions, and thus delivering incremental penetration at scale.”

Janine Klimko, Global Innovation Manager at Heineken 

Global Launch 

Having already worked on the initial project in France, MCC was well placed to take on this large-scale launch. With a change in label design, the approval process was slightly more challenging than usual due to COVID restrictions, Technical Manager, Andy Bowen explains: 

“We produced 4 different process images and supplied 2 different blue brand colours, which totalled 8 options for the customer to review. We sent samples to the brand team for review remotely and select the approved version.” 

Desperados Virgin poster

The final result is a striking blue brand colour which clearly identifies a difference between the non-alcoholic and alcoholic variants, while keeping the design in line with the current Desperados brand.