Digital Labels Tick all the Boxes for Hong Kong Beer

Hong Kong Beer Co started in 1995 with an ambitious goal: to brew fresh, full-flavoured craft beer for the first time in Hong Kong, a city whose beer market was dominated by industrial lagers. Today, it is brewing small batches of continuously evolving, authentic, full-flavoured craft beers in Hong Kong, delivered fresh to the local communities.

Image of Digital Labels Tick all the Boxes for Hong Kong Beer



Labeling goals

HK Beer was looking for a reliable label supplier that could help the team address 5 key areas.

Print Quality; highest print quality across all their labels.

Speed to Market; labels to be supplied “Just In Time” for core and seasonal brands.

Samples; as they seek a supplier that can react to sample development for approvals, prior to commercialisation.

Adhesive Performance; neck label that does not easily detach from the bottle.

Material; highest print quality and matching that on an elevated material feel and look.

Speed & quality

Speed to market and quality are two important objectives for HK Beer. The team at MCC Malaysia identified HP Indigo digital printing to address these needs. This allowed not only the best visual for their label designs but it enabled the Just In Time model at the best speed vs MOQ. Digital printing also allowed the team to provide rapid prototyping samples.

Working across borders can at times be difficult, but MCC was very quick to respond to our requests, was able to ship multiple samples out to us and our US based designers, and offered their own expertise on material and printing methods that allowed us to find a perfect solution within tight timelines.”

Phillip Rankmore, Brewing Ops at Hong Kong Beer Co.

Another challenge for HK Beer was adhesive performance on their neck label. Using an acrylic emulsion based adhesive allowed MCC to achieve the best result for anchoring the label onto glass bottle. The team also selected a label substrate on PP Silver (premium release) and PP White (standard) replacing the current paper based PSL for a more premium effect.

It’s great to work with people as obsessed with quality and finding the right solution as we are. When we both have the same goal, all problems can be solved.”

Phillip Rankmore, Brewing Ops at Hong Kong Beer Co