Digital Printing Maintains Small Batch Integrity for Crystal Springs

Roberto Bortone, owner of Bollano International started his company after working in the cosmetic industry for over 30 years. Even as a cosmetic industry insider, for years he thought he was personally using the best, most natural body care products. However, after looking deeper into the science of hair and skin, he found that some of the so-called natural body-care products are actually assaulting the natural chemistry of our skin and hair. This inspired Robert to start the Crystal Springs line under Bollano International and build his first Artisan Lab in 2012.

Image of Digital Printing Maintains Small Batch Integrity for Crystal Springs




Maintaining brand integrity

As the business began to grow, Robert made it a priority to stick to his pledge of only creating small-batch craft production using the most natural and environmentally sustainable ingredients. Limiting production cycles to smaller batches creates more control over the quality of their products. This also allows Crystal Springs to manufacture to order rather than filling a warehouse before sales are committed.

How to execute?

Crystal Springs needed a partner who could keep up with the aesthetics they required, while staying cost effective. They turned to MCC for help, where MCC suggested digital printing. This solution allows for cost effective small runs and the ability to run many different SKUs in one run.

Variable data printing to the rescue!

MCC utilized a metalized substrate with spot matte and gloss finishing on 11 different label sizes with 150 SKUs across 16 different brands. The number of different labels per SKU ranged from 8 to 60, with a total quantity of approximately 24,000 labels. MCC used variable data printing to produce multiple different SKUs and quantities and stay within the project timeline.

We received the proof sheet: it looks amazing! Thank you all for your special work in this. – Roberto Bortone, Managing Director, Bollano International

The results

Roberto was very happy with the digital printing solution. It met all his needs and produced beautiful labels. We look forward to seeing more labels and SKUs of these special products!