Esprit: Own Your Flavor

Esprit’s fruity alcoholic beverage needed a brand refresh to appeal to its target audience of ‘self-assured success seekers’.

Image of Esprit: Own Your Flavor



Distell recently entered into a partnership with MCC to relaunch Esprit in South Africa with a conversion from paper to pressure sensitive labels.

Range of unique flavours

Esprit is a range of 4.5% fruit-flavoured RTDs, reinventing familiar flavors with an unconventional twist and making them multi-faceted and exciting.

Esprit comes in three intriguing flavors – Mango with a twist of Chilli, Watermelon and Strawberry with a twist of Lime, and Blueberry and Basil with a twist of Hibiscus – that inspire an independent spirit and sassy confidence.

“The alcoholic drinks market is undergoing a lot of change, with cross-category exploration and a host of new flavors; flavored drinks are popular and on-trend. Esprit embraces the individuality of its target market by offering a range of unique flavors that are aligned with globally-relevant flavor trends,” says Tania Kotze, Esprit Brand Strategy Manager.

Striking iconography and colors

These exciting variants are also distinctive for their pressure sensitive labels featuring striking iconography and colors. 

Traditionally, Esprit was decorated with a wet glue label and the switch to clear, pressure sensitive labels rocketed the brand to new heights.

Harry Havenga, Business Development & Marketing, MCC Africa

Esprit before and after

The South African consumer landscape is demanding and ever-changing. MCC’s aim is to help its clients differentiate their brands in this highly competitive market and to guide them successfully to new growth targets. In this case, Esprit is aimed at self-assured success seekers that are committed to staying true to themselves.

Esprit was relaunched in 2019 and has been supported by a number of targeted campaigns across various touchpoints.