Extended Text Label Opens Up New Opportunities for Slime® Tire Sealant

Extended text label helps open international markets for worldwide leader In tire care

Image of Extended Text Label Opens Up New Opportunities for Slime® Tire Sealant



Accessories Marketing, Inc. wanted to grow the brand awareness of its Slime® tire sealant in international markets, especially the expansive Western European Union. The brand owner faced a daunting challenge of trying to penetrate a region where seven-different languages are spoken, with easy-to-understand labeling and instructions.


The original pressure-sensitive film label was a 350-degree wrap label that held a material application straw in place on a custom-molded bottle. The label featured basic copy in six languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian) and icons for installation instructions. Once the prime label was applied, the bottle was shrink-wrapped with a booklet that carried additional product and application information.

To effectively compete in the Western EU market, Accessories Marketing needed to expand the Slime® label content by adding a seventh language, Portuguese. But as it stood, Slime had a very crowded prime label and a multi-step labeling process.

Slime® needed a label with multiple pages that would give it the amount of space to meet labeling requirements for the European market. The new label also had to establish the Slime® brand to an entirely new audience and preserve the established graphics.


To balance the branding and consumer messaging needs with the space requirements, MCC recommended its EasyTab® label from its MultiVision® line of extended-text labels. EasyTab® holds three patents and is engineered to meet the regulatory requirement that allows consumers to open, read, and reseal the label. The patented pre-curve is designed for tight-diameter surfaces and avoids edge-lift and wrinkling when machine applied. It also features a consumer-friendly “peel tab” that protects the overall package integrity.

The goal for the Slime® label was to combine product functionality with overall brand identity through a label that ensures consumers have all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision and complete instructions for use. Regardless of the language, the Slime® label had to communicate both at the shelf and when the product is in the consumer’s hand.

With the different sizes of product they have, Accessories Marketing would have needed up to 10 Slime® SKUs for each country. Inventory management would have been very difficult. But the EasyTab® extended-text label simplified broad integration into the European market.