Extra-refreshing Packaging for the Launch of Heineken® Silver

Heineken® have recently unveiled its latest brewing innovation: Heineken® Silver “A carefully brewed lager with an extra-refreshing taste.”

Heineken® Silver is brewed using an ice-cold lagering process at -1° Celsius, designed for the modern palate, it is a fresh and crisp beer.

Image of Extra-refreshing Packaging for the Launch of Heineken® Silver




Crystal-clear design

As Heineken® Silver is brewed at a colder temperature it is an extra refreshing, easy-to-drink beer, and this fact is cleverly reflected in the brand’s down-to-earth and relatable visual identity. Heineken®’s iconic green label has been refreshed, turning a new, cool, turquoise shade, setting Heineken® Silver apart from Heineken® original. 


It’s all in the detail

For such an important brand launch, MCC’s technical experts worked very closely with the Heineken design team. Each intricate artwork detail was carefully analysed to create the optimum print performance. MCC’s Technical Manager, Andy Bowen comments.

“Getting the subtle elements right to create the 3D ice crystals relied on the correct opacity of each ink and the right amount of tonal imaging on each layer. This created a complex background, which included a bright metallic silver, combined with semi-transparent white and blue layers; we also required some opaque elements to ensure good standout of the required text.


We created a metallic blue window circling the design and finishing off with a super opaque white platform to ensure the ‘Heineken’ brand name and star logo have maximum standout.” Andy Bowen, Technical Manager at MCC.

Inspiring the next generation

Available from April in various markets worldwide, Heineken® Silver will launch with a campaign designed to inspire a new generation of Heineken fans.