Faux Deckled Edge Expresses TOME’s Journey

Image of Faux Deckled Edge Expresses TOME’s Journey



TOME acknowledges that our craft cannot be mastered in a lifetime. 

Each year represents a new chapter in nature’s ever-changing encyclopedia. The wines we most respect are made by people with the humility to accept this; who draw upon a deep well of hard-earned experience, yet maintain a thirst for learning.  

Tome’s label is inspired by early journals of exploration and scientific discovery. It reflects the spirit of inquiry essential to the making of fine wine. TOME is a trade-exclusive offering.  

Label Information

Producer – Bekkers Wines
Designer – Woodscannon
Varietal – Red Blend
Region – McLaren Vale
Print Technology – Offset
Substrate – Cotone Bianco
Embellishments – Emboss, High Build Screen