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Arca Continental’s mission is to generate maximum value for its customers, associates, communities and stockholders, satisfying its consumers’ expectations at all times with the highest quality products and services.

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As Coca-Cola is one of the brands handled by Arca Continental and the most popular soft drink in history, the demand is very high and therefore the volume of production is equally high, sometimes with urgent orders.

Therefore, the brand set itself the objective of obtaining cost savings and trying to reduce delivery times in the face of urgent requirements. The solution was the migration of the BOPP label volume from a bilaminate structure to a monolayer structure used in non-returnable PET bottles for the national market, Mexico.

MCC Monterrey has been a strategic partner of Arca Continental for many years, so the company chose them as responsible for this transition. According to Arca Continental’s team, MCC has shown them a high level of confidence in the performance of their labels on their products.

This was not an easy conversion for Arca Continental, as it presented some challenges. First, they had to adapt the labeling equipment of the different operations of their non-returnable PET container business partners that delivered the already labeled bottle. In addition to having two commercial partners for non-returnable PET bottles in sync with MCC, they themselves had a variety of labeling equipment that had to be adjusted in order to use the labels with a monolayer structure. Another concern was having optimal performance under drastic environmental conditions (temperature and percentage of humidity) in territories throughout the north of Mexico, such as the state of Sonora, Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Durango, among others.




Despite the difficulties, this undoubtedly had a positive impact. The main result was economic savings, as well as the improvement in delivery times before emergencies, by cutting the availability of labels between 48 and 72 hours.

MCC met the customer’s expectations by supplying a monolayer label with the required quality and having managed to “connect” with the brand’s non-returnable PET packaging commercial partners to maintain the correct application of each of the labels.

MCC’s greatest support was the technical service to be able to classify the tests in each of our operations to be able to use the monolayer label.

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