Igniting the glow with the help of a double-sided label

Image of Igniting the glow with the help of a double-sided label



DARK LARK 2023 Winter Limited Release Single Malt Whisky creates a portal to the bottom of the world, where darkness gives rise to revelry. This design was inspired by the depths of the Tasmanian winter and landscape and aims to bring energy and life to the darkest time of year.

The 2023 release features a hand painted image of Crocoite that lives on a double-sided label, which serves as a portal to the mineral born in the shadows deep beneath the earth of Western Tasmania. With delicate crystal formations and an intense orange hue that ignites in the shadows, Crocoite thrives in the darkness. The hand painted mineral is presented in black and white against a shiny silver foil, so that it’s the DARK LARK liquid that gives it life and energy.

The reverse side features a type based design with icons presented in silver foil with discreet product mandatories and a QR code that directs the consumer to the online campaign. These labels combine product design with contemporary art and aim to appeal to a younger, creative and experimental consumer, and test the boundaries on how whisky should be perceived and enjoyed.

Label Information

Producer – LARK Distilling Co.

Designer – Zoe Lovell (LARK)

Photographer – Oi Studios

Region – Tasmania

Print Technology – Digital

Substrate – PP Clear/ Manter Ipanema

Embellishments – Cold foil, Hot foil