Innovative “Cracking” In-Mold Packaging Technology sets Magnum apart from Competition

When it comes to elevated ice cream experiences, Magnum delivers a luxurious experience for their customers. Read more to learn how an innovative IML container adds to that experience.

Image of Innovative “Cracking” In-Mold Packaging Technology sets Magnum apart from Competition



Indulgent Treat with packed with surprises

Velvety dairy vanilla ice cream with thick, cracking Magnum chocolate top-disc and shards, all encased in a distinctive crackingly-tasty Magnum chocolate shell. That’s the successful formula for the new Magnum Pints, available in a variety of decadent flavors such as Cherry, Almond Brown Butter, Mocha, Chocolate and Caramel. This brand-new smash hit dessert with IML packaging has been available since spring 2017 on ice cream shelves in a large part of Europe and the United States.

Unique packaging improves experience

Magnum Pints are “Carefully made to be broken™.” The challenge was to create an in-mold package allowing the consumer to crack the chocolate shell around the vanilla ice cream by squeezing both sides of the packaging. The solution must be suitable for mass production.

MCC Solution

The Magnum Pints shape made it difficult to create an in-mold label. A very precise design and a superbly functioning robot system were needed. MCC offered a wide range of technical options and monitored each project closely, from the first test production through to the finished result. This solution-oriented approach allowed us to create an innovative and interactive package that consumers are addicted to “cracking.” Additionally, choosing in-mold technology gives the product a very premium look and protects against moisture and large fluctuations in temperature. It is also completely recyclable.

Our customer says it Best

Rahul Rajpal, Brand Development, Magnum Europe: “Consumers are completely in love with the cracking ritual of the new Magnum Pints. Squeezing it is a “cool and unique” experience and consumers love the iconic cracking sound of Magnum chocolate. The design and quality of the packaging have also received positive feedback.”