Kopparberg Cherry Rum goes all the way with this highly embellished label

Kingsland drinks is an independent UK filler for Wine & Spirits. One of the spirits in their portfolio, is the Kopparberg Cherry Rum. A good looking bottle and fancy colored Rum, were ready to enhance its product with a new, high-end label.

Image of Kopparberg Cherry Rum goes all the way with this highly embellished label



Design service 

An external designer went completely out of the box with this wrap label. Some challenges regarding the shape and embellishments were to be considered, so following some remote meetings with the Daventry technical team, where we analyzed the first concepts. We gave some print guidance, to make sure the print and application process, would go flawlessly.  

Rapid prototyping 

As part of the process, we produced some very accurate prototypes, which gave the brand owner a good understanding of the end result. Taking into account this label has an irregular shape with intricate parts, we also recommended to test the application. Following feedback from the Daventry design studio, it was suggested that a blank trial would be beneficial. The die cut was adjusted with the customer, to ensure matrix stripping and application wouldn’t be a problem on high speed lines. The blank labels were produced on the correct material and supplied into Kingsland, and then successfully applied to the Kopparberg bottle.  

The result 

Following the successful trial, the printed result is impressive and the embellishments look endlessly. The pressure sensitive wrap label, has been finished with a hot foil, matte and optical varnish, tactile screen as well as embossing and debossing finishes. 

An extraordinary process 

The development and production of this label was extraordinary, in that the design and development started, just as COVID-19 took hold in the world. The meetings, development and production were mostly done by people working from home at MCC and the customers. A great effort all round and especially to the Daventry procurement team, for being able to source the materials and tooling, in a time when delivery, was significantly longer than normal. 

This is a really stunning and very well executed label, supporting the customer and end user with lots of feedback, to ensure everything went as plan when production started. A successful launch and good reviews, means, we are hopeful this will be a popular product, with good growth in sales.  

Andrew Douglas, Key Account Manager, MCC England