Long-standing relationship provides foundation for successful brand relaunch

The Winzergenossenschaft (Cooperative) Herxheim has been a well-known name since 1937 in the German Wine Industry and also a longtime and valued customer of MCC. Their product range image is one of class, also reflected in their label design.

Image of Long-standing relationship provides foundation for successful brand relaunch



In 2019 MCC was approached by the Winzergenossenschaft Herxheim with an exciting and challenging new project. They were in the process of relaunching their entire range of wines but needed to unify WGL (wet-glue)- and PSL (Pressure Sensitive) Labels within their new design. Pressure Sensitive Label-technology offers a wider spectrum of possibilities than in the WGL range, so the challenge was a great one: the design was to work well in both areas.

To achieve continuity between both types of label, MCC worked closely with the Winzergenossenschaft Herxheim and their design agency, Wineworlds. This Teamwork, a combination of communication, and technical expertise lead to an excellent result. The printing technologies as well as all subtle details were perfectly accommodated in the new label design.

The partnership between MCC and the customer early on in this process proved invaluable towards achieving the desired result. All technical challenges were addressed by the MCC team early and the finalized labels, enhanced with gold foil and embossing, captured both elegance and class for which the Winzergenossenschaft Herxheim brand is well-known. The customer was able to incorporate both WGL and PSL as originally desired, resulting in a first-class relaunch.

Working hand in hand with such a long-standing and valuable customer as the Winzergenossenschaft Herxheim, is always a pleasure. The Teamwork between both customer and MCC in making this Relaunch such a success across a multiple of platforms, was a tremendous achievement!”

Peter Kornfeld, Managing Director MCC Bingen, Germany