Moorland Spirit Co. Douglas Fir Vodka Labels

Moorland Spirits distillery is an expressive and experimental laboratory, where you’ll find their Moorlanders focussed on capturing ingredients fully and faithfully so that they taste as alive in the bottle as they do on the land.

Image of Moorland Spirit Co. Douglas Fir Vodka Labels



After much experimentation and research, they found that the only way to capture the heart of each ingredient was to distil in three dimensions, and there unique Triple Technique was born. 

The result is a spirit that captures the ingredients fully and faithfully, as you’ve never experienced before: as alive in the glass as it is on the land. 

The First Explorer Edition from the Moorland Spirit Company. Made with the needles of the Douglas Fir tree, a giant of the Hepple Woodlands.

Multi-Color Labels were approached by Moorland Spirits to produce a fast turn around low production run for the Douglas Fir Vodka Labels. Working with digital gave Multi-Color Labels the flexibility to produce what Moorland Spirits needed with the quality expected. Working with a deboss to add some dimension to the label and then fluorescent ink to really make the label stand out on the shelf.

Moorland Wine & Spirits

Label Information

  • ProducerMoorland Spirit Co.

  • Varietal – Vodka

  • Printing Press – Digital

  • Embellishments – Fluorescent Ink, Deboss