NBD Deploys the Zipper Perforation: A Win-Win Solution

As sustainability is becoming a more and more prevalent topic in today’s world, many brand owners are seeking solutions to make their packaging eco-friendly. P&G’s new plant-powered ingredient brand, NDB is no exception.

Image of NBD Deploys the Zipper Perforation: A Win-Win Solution



Capturing the millennial consumer

This new cleaning brand chose to utilize a shrink sleeve label for their product. They chose a shrink sleeve label because it offers 360-degree graphics, capturing the Millennial consumer when they are at the store shelf. However, Millennial consumers are putting a significantly higher priority on sustainability than generations before them. Shrink sleeve labels aren’t always the most sustainable option if left unmodified, so P&G was faced with a challenge: How to stand out on the store shelf with appealing graphics, while also staying eco-friendly to draw in the Millennial buyer.

MCC’s solution

MCC and P&G showed great collaboration on this project to come up with a solution to have the best of both worlds. MCC suggested incorporating a zipper perforation along the side of the shrink sleeve so consumers could remove or ‘zip’ off the label. This allows the bottle to be recycled after use. It is stated twice on the label that the product is not recyclable unless the label is removed. This added knowledge is something NBD’s target audience really appreciates. According to the 2019 EcoFocus Trend Survey, 75% of Millennials agree that manufacturers need to do a better job at telling shoppers how to recycle or dispose of their packaging.

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Sustainability goals met!

MCC’s Research & Development team has tested this product many times before launching to make sure the product zips off as intended. The Zipper Perforation passed all testing and is now in the market on NBD cleaning products today. MCC is proud to work with a partner like P&G who takes the necessary steps for a more sustainable future. This solution is just one example of how MCC can help brands meet their sustainability goals, while appealing to their target market!

MCC has always been a great partner in bringing us innovation to help us meet our needs whether it’s cost savings, holographic foil technology, and now sustainable label options.  P&G is on a journey to find the right solutions to make it easy for consumers to recycle and this zipper technology is a great step, especially when combined with How2Recycle instructions.”

Jennifer Beck, Brand Manager, Wellness Brands at P&G