Neuriva’s New Label Combines Both Form & Function

Reckitt Benckiser’s Neuriva brand recently launched a new label to promote their brain health gummy vitamin supplements.

Image of Neuriva’s New Label Combines Both Form & Function



New label design

Flavors come in original strawberry, strawberry plus, and grape. The new label graphics combine the product’s strong natural and scientific credentials while bringing to life the key consumer insight that “bright brain = bright life”. The new label imagery features a split illustration, conveying scientific efficacy and a healthy brain on one side, and colorful vignettes of everyday life on the other.

Schiff rewards

Multi-Color’s vibrant inks and colorful vignettes aren’t the only unique parts of this label. It also implements a functional extended content (peel back) label that includes a custom variable code. Thanks to MCC’s digital printing capabilities, every code is unique. Once peeled back, you will see your 10-digit code that can be entered into a rewards program called Schiff Rewards, as well as Premium access to the Neuriva Brain Gym app. Different codes are worth different point values. Once you stack up enough points, you can trade it in for a reward!


EAS tag

Neuriva’s brain health vitamins are very sought-after. Therefore, people sometimes try to steal the product from stores without paying. To minimize this problem, MCC applied an EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) tag that is buried into the label. This EAS tag cannot be removed and will trigger an alarm at the store’s door if the product is stolen. The EAS tag is a requirement from retailers to prevent thieves. Even though MCC learned of the requirement for the EAS tag after the product was originally designed, they were still able to meet the customer’s deadline and needs.