New distillery creates award-winning products and labels

WanderFolk Spirits is a collective of passionate creatives, blending mastered skills from various backgrounds, focused on reinventing, and pushing the boundaries of craft spirits. Utilizing elements from their home state of Oklahoma, this team has successfully crafted unique small-batch spirits that have made a splash in the market. Located in the historic downtown of Guthrie, Oklahoma (USA), WanderFolk is the state’s first legal distillery since prohibition. The WanderFolk team are dedicated to providing truly exceptional spirits using the highest quality ingredients and thoughtful processes.

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The vision

Consisting of a botanical-rich New American gin, a flawless vodka, and a particularly unique spiced citrus vodka, the Garden Club brand was created as the flagship clear spirit line for WanderFolk Spirits. The team worked incredibly hard to create the perfect visual representation of the magic liquid filling each bottle of the Garden Club line up. The theme was “Victorian Psychedelia,” paying homage to their town’s historic architecture and rich history, while also evoking quite a bit of whimsy. Excited about the final designs but knowing the complexities that lie ahead, the WanderFolk team just needed to find a printer that could execute the vision. They approached MCC and it resulted in a perfect partnership.

The solution

The labels were printed flexo on an uncoated material, making it a challenge to achieve the bright colors, as well as the foil adhesion. The technical team at MCC worked tirelessly to ensure all elements came together successfully. They did a die blank trial with a tactile gloss to make sure that everything would apply correctly once finished. The result were stunning, one-of-a-kind labels to launch into the market.

An award-winning result

To say the launch was successful is an understatement! Fans and colleagues agreed, and in December 2021, the American Craft Spirits Association awarded the Garden Club line with three packaging awards including a Gold Medal for Best Gin Packaging, Bronze for Best Vodka Packaging, and Bronze for Best Overall Brand Portfolio.

We knew we’d created a difficult challenge with how the labels would be constructed, but the crew at MCC never pushed back. They embraced the process and ensured that our dream became a reality. They exceeded all expectations, and each label came out better than we ever imagined. We could not have achieved this without MCC and can’t wait to work through our next project with their team!

Derek Duty, GM/Director of Sales & Marketing, WanderFolk Spirits