OPP Wrap Label Transforms Ordinary Bottles Into Extraordinary Holiday Bows



Coca-Cola’s goal was to surprise and delight consumers during the holiday season with a one-of-a-kind label that effortlessly turned into a celebratory bow. 

Multi-Color spent 9-12 months of research and development with partners Eshuis (NL) and CCEP/CC Hellenic to establish, validate and manage the technical and commercial details of this project. Once the concept was technically feasible, an investment in the necessary machinery was made. Multi-Color Corporation also made continuous improvements along the way to enhance the Bow specifications from white OPP film to clear metalized films. The final product allows the consumer to pull a string to turn an ordinary label into an extraordinary one.

These labels were first launched on a small scale (60M) in Europe. The positive reaction in those markets led to 165M labels across Europe and Asian markets with further global expansion expected. This label created an innovative breakthrough in a very cluttered market. Coca-Cola is proud of the positive feedback from consumers and excellent social/PR coverage. As a result, Multi-Color has benefitted with highly profitable growth, and both positive recognition and credibility across the globe.