Ovant – Grace, Verve & Royal

One of the initial design goals was to have real differentiation and shelf presence in bars and restaurants, and to forgo a lot of the industry tropes common amongst spirit labels in particular: ornate detailing, filigree, etc. To aim for a quietly confident label which felt modern and minimal, but not austere.

Image of Ovant – Grace, Verve & Royal



A key part of the design process was collaborating with Finnish artist Reeta Ek, to create three unique artworks to act as visual interpretations of the sensory experience of drinking Ovant. A representative colour was chosen for each of the 5 main botanicals in each distillation. These three colour matrices then acted as the basis for each artwork. Abstract forms and colours combine to represent the complex ways the botanicals interplay: to be interpreted differently, on each sip, and by each drinker. A colour key is present on the side of the label to further guide your expectation of flavour and aroma in relation to the art.


Label Information

  • Product Name / Producer – Ovant

  • Designer – Jonathan Field, in collaboration with Reeta Ek

  • Photography – Paris Hawken Photography

  • Varietal(s) – Alcohol-free botanical distillations

  • Region – Margaret River, Western Australia

  • Printing – HP Indigo, ABG Digicon

  • Paper – Fasson Estate #8 Bright White Vellum

  • Embellishments – Hot Foil 396 Copper. Medium build matte silk screen