Patrol Grooming Products Get A Face-Lift

As the world is always changing, M&M’s Patrol Grooming Products brand realized they need to reposition themselves to stay current with today’s buyer preferences. Their customer base varies in education, profession, economic status, hobbies, and relationship status but their commonality is that they want to be confident in their appearance. Their target consumer is an active man on social media who believes it is extremely important to stay on trend.

Image of Patrol Grooming Products Get A Face-Lift



Packaging Rebrand

Since staying on trend is so important to Patrol Grooming Products consumers, M&M approached Multi-Color to implement their new packaging rebrand. The idea was to elevate the brand to no longer be seen as a brand their dads use. Instead they wanted to be relatable and trendy, and their packaging needed to match.

Increased Sales

The solution was a luxury folding carton package design that is sleek and desirable to younger men. The new design uses bold colors and combination varnishes to appear as a more premium product. Patrol Grooming Products now have packaging they can be proud of. The results of their rebranding campaign have proven to be successful with sales increasing post-launch.

The Importance of Packaging

Packaging design is the face of your product and can really make or break your first impression with a potential consumer. It is important for you as a brand owner to take note of your audience’s preferences and communicate those to Multi-Color so we can collaborate and find a package design that will speak to them and influence purchase.