Peylonade, a sparkling wine to share…with two!

Domaine Peylong, a small family estate (4 hectares), is located in the heart of the Gervanne valley in the commune of Suze in the Drôme department, in the Clairette de Die appellation area. The vineyard has been cultivated in organic farming since 2009. Today, 12 grape varieties are planted, which allows for a multitude of blends and a wide range of aromas to reach a maximum of sensibilities.

Image of Peylonade, a sparkling wine to share…with two!



The owners have concentrated on still wines, seven stills for only one sparkling. This proportion is remarkable in a region that specializes in bubbles. The AOC Clairette de Die tradition, based on the muscatel grape variety, is very widespread in the region. The Peylong estate has chosen to produce a sparkling wine, AOC crémant, based on the clairette grape variety, a favorite, which completes the range of still wines. 

Over the past fifteen years, the development of craft breweries in the region has been such that the owners, after having observed this phenomenon for a long time, decided to launch themselves into the adventure. Why not create a wine that is easy to drink, in small volumes, to be drunk chilled, from the bottle, a wine that would bear the name of the domain… Peylonade is a natural, Provencal-style sparkling wine that is offered in a 33 cl bottle to share with two! 

Peylong means dragon in a Chinese dialect; without looking further, a story was born! MCC Design graphic designers just had to imagine this eponymous dragon, festive, dynamic and colorful. Jeff, MCC designer, proposed two versions and the love was instantaneous and unanimous, they were never even returned for minor changes. The design has been enhanced by a digital print on a white uncoated paper for a fresh and sparkling look

Last summer, 1500 bottles were produced and sold in three weeks at the cellar with great enthusiasm. The feedback from customers is unanimous, the small volume allows them to drink a bottle with two people, and they can finish the bottle without losing the fizz. They liked the fresh, thirst-quenching taste and the design of the label. This year 4,000 bottles will be available with the objective of introducing a few campsites in addition to the two or three wine shops that are already asking for them.

Informations sur l’étiquette

  • Producer/brand – Domaine Peylong (Fabien Lombard) | Peylonade

  • Designer – Jeff | MCC Design

  • Grape – Clairette 

  • Region – Drôme

  • Print details – Digital

  • Face stock – Uncoated White Ultra WS