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Phase I: Concept Consultation

Before starting any product development, we take the following considerations

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Bottle Evaluation

Careful considerations should be made when deciding on your product’s next bottle. Similarly, to how the shape affects recognition of a product, bottle shape and bottle material also have an effect on the label and its performance.

Die Line / Label Template Creation

MCC has the expertise to evaluate a proposed bottle design and the application process and create a die line or label template that will meet the customer’s needs.

It is critical to develop a template that will achieve the design intent and perform in the filling and application process. Whether you have a Pressure Sensitive, Shrink Sleeve or Roll Fed Wrap need, MCC can assess the total system and develop templates that will perform.

Application Assessment

Our engineers will do a complete analysis, taking into consideration the equipment and process (usually gained from a line audit/evaluation) to determine the maximum possible size of the label. This information is then used to specify appropriate materials and print process.

Equipment Solutions

We engineer and build the optimal application systems to handle your most demanding labeling challenge. Dispensing a label is easy, consistently presenting a product to the labeling head and wiping it down is where we work our magic.

The greatest thing about the team at MCC was a proper engagement. It was a definite partnership working together to come up with the right material for the right application.”

David Begg, Founder at REAL Kombucha

Material & Ink Selection

Material selection can be able cost effectiveness, sustainability or in many situation premiumization. Each chose has effects on cost, performance and application. Our team understands material selection implications and will help guide you in this process.

Often ink selection is an opportunity to draw attention to a particular word or slogan. The right ink treatment can enhance a label and evoke a positive reaction by the consumer.

Rapid Prototyping & Die Blanks

Rapid prototyping provides a proof that mimics actual print production, providing the customer with a good indication of how a concept’s design elements will appear prior to actual production. Rapid prototyping is an imaging and converting technology that produces high-quality art proofs on a variety of substrates, incorporating decorative foils, embossing and debossing, as well as simulated textures.

Rapid Prototyping Process

If needed, MCC can quickly produce test labels to allow for application validation in the production environment. This can be accomplished with Die Blank labels for PSL or Grid labels for Shrink Sleeves.

Digital Imaging

Our digital imaging software can be used for real time label modification. This technology enables customers the ability to visualize their label on their product before ink meets film.

Instead of artwork in PDF form, customers can now view a “label on a bottle” with product tolerances and actual print capabilities.