Quality and innovation shine through with embellishments

The label design includes names from past and present generations of the Grier family, silkscreened on the label in a tartan motif which reflects the Griers’ Scottish roots.

Image of Quality and innovation shine through with embellishments



The Clan reflects the close family unity and commitment that has sustained the Grier family of Villiera for decades in the wine business.

The chalkboard-black background, lithographically printed on KillerWhite™ uncoated stock, is indented with subtle black foiling. Multi-Color’s unique resin label innovation provides the logo focus point in the center of the label. It’s a label solution which truly represents Villiera’s commitment to quality and innovation.

The team at Multi-Color were able to offer valuable advice and assistance throughout the development stages to produce a sophisticated label of excellent quality.”

Julian Brewer, Cellar Manager, Villiera Wines