The Real Dill Sees Real Value in Digital Printing

Justin and Tyler, owners of The Real Dill started out by just making pickles for fun. As time went on, they spent all their free time dreaming up new pickle recipes and perfecting their craft. After a year and a half, Justin got married and supplied a batch of pickles as a wedding favor for guests. The overwhelming positive feedback from guests confirmed they have something special and should get more serious about making this into a business.

Image of The Real Dill Sees Real Value in Digital Printing



A happy accident

In 2012, Justin and Tyler joined the local farmers market circuit and quit their jobs. Their small product lineup began to grow. One of the ways their lineup grew was through a happy accident. During their pickling process, a delicious and refreshing cucumber-infused water is made. Instead of dumping it down the drain, the pair developed a Bloody Mary Mix featuring this unique by-product as the star ingredient. Their Bloody Mary Mixes are so popular, Justin and Tyler joke that they are no longer a pickle company, but a Bloody Mary company with a pickle problem!

Expensive pre-press costs

As the business continued to flourish, The Real Dill began to attract more clients wanting to sell their product. A large Deli in the Denver area approached The Real Dill saying they would like to sell a private label Bloody Mary Mix under their house brand. Producing many different SKUs with varying artwork would normally involve a significant investment in pre-press costs. Each new SKU would need a new plate. Costs to make these plates would add up quickly!

The solution: digital printing

The Real Dill reached out to MCC asking how we could accommodate his client. They wanted to offer the private label, just couldn’t justify the upfront costs for tooling. MCC informed The Real Dill that we have digital printing capabilities. Because digital printing doesn’t use plates, you eliminate the costly pre-press and version change costs.

The Real Dill agreed that digital printing was the answer for this project. The combination of small volumes across multiple SKUs, and no pre-press costs made it clear digital was the winning solution. The Deli in Denver received their Bloody Mary Mix private labels, and The Real Dill was able to deliver it at a reasonable cost!