RecycLABEL® PSL. Simply the Most Sustainable Choice



Simply Orange, Coca-Cola’s next best thing to freshly-squeezed orange juice, is one of the great showpieces in this roadmap. Since sustainability is a requirement at Coca-Cola, we needed to create a pressure sensitive label that would maintain recyclability of the carafe without a major price increase.

Pressure sensitive RecycLABEL®

Coca-Cola chose to use recycLABEL® due to its impressive recycling capabilities. This label is a fully recyclable pressure sensitive label recognized by the APR* and the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP).

The entire Simply Beverages portfolio has successfully converted to recycLABEL®. Coca-Cola is very happy with the shelf impact, recyclability results and cost of the new label innovation.

Simply Orange is now market leader

Simply Beverages became the market leader in the juice category by moving from traditional gable top cardboard containers to a PET carafe bottle with pressure sensitive labels.