Red Vines keeps sweet treats fresh and secure with ReseaLabel™

Red Vines has been crafting artisan candy twists for more than 100 years. Owned by American Licorice, the brand wanted to incorporate a re-closable option for their 16-ounce pillow bags. American Licorice was using Inno-Lock on larger packages but had reasons to explore other reseal options.

Image of Red Vines keeps sweet treats fresh and secure with ReseaLabel™



The Challenge

Our team addressed a unique challenge that was four part. To provide an intuitive, peel-reseal solution for the consumer. To maintain product freshness and prevent the licorice from drying out, which was happening due to the package being a multi-portion pack with no reseal-ability. To incorporate tamper evidence for consumer peace of mind. The resealable pack also needed to run on the customer’s existing VFFS equipment without any compromise to speeds, efficiencies or package performance.


MCC Solution

After reviewing current package samples, Multi-Color provided mock-ups using the ReseaLabel™ technology. The ReseaLabel™ solution was developed specifically for the Red Vines product and package with the consumer in mind, working in conjunction with American Licorice’s existing flexible film suppliers. The packaging conveniently re-closes keeping the product fresher longer. In 2019, the team took an innovative approach to redesigning the label by moving from the secondary, paper-based tamper evident label to a saw-tooth tear-away feature incorporated within the reseal label itself. This development helped to refresh the look of the pack and improve roll profile whilst maintaining the same functionality and performance for the consumer. By combining MCC’s experience to ensure performance and functionality with American Licorice’s knowledge of their consumer’s behavior, the modified ReseaLabel™ was successfully trialed and approved on American Licorice’s production line.

The Results

Since the initial introduction of ReseaLabel™ in late 2017, the reseal feature has also been rolled out on the new Red Ropes 14-ounce packs and to American Licorice’s other brand Sour Punch, where ReseaLabel™ was incorporated into their new 3.5-ounce Sour Punch Share Packs to promote portion control. ReseaLabel™ is currently on all Red Vines bags over 14 ounces. All products run on American Licorice’s existing VFFS equipment without any modification and without any compromise to their production speeds. Aspects of the label created improvements to roll stability and generated other operational efficiencies such as better handling on the line and improved roll tensions. The result is a win-win for all parties and MCC is proud to be working with American Licorice and their film partners to provide convenience, freshness and portion control for Red Vines and Sour Punch packaging.