Refreshingly Different: Nix & Kix Opt for a Textured Label Finish

Nix & Kix is a premium soft drinks brand based in the UK. Known for their natural ingredients and impactful flavour, the brand recently unveiled a redesign and a new brand proposition ‘The Drink with a Zing’.

Image of Refreshingly Different: Nix & Kix Opt for a Textured Label Finish



Design agency Kuba & Friends carried out the redesign. The label design incorporated bold ingredient visuals in order to communicate each flavor. The fact the products are 100% natural with no artificial ingredients is also now better and more clearly communicated in the design.

Premium label

The requirement for the label was to carry through this new, premium design into the print. The team at MCC worked closely with the customer to choose the correct material and embellishment options.

The previous label was protected by a standard gloss hi-rub varnish. Print trials involved getting a textured finish that would offer the same levels of label protection whilst giving the look and feel of a premium product.

Silver pp was selected to achieve a metallic look. A tactile varnish then applied which creates a rough textured surface adding to the premium effect.


The efficient choice

The relatively low quantities and multiple SKU’s, concluded that digital would be most suitable and cost effective option for the customer. Digital does not require any setup time, which allows for quick changeovers.

The result is a more premium label with a textured surface with the protection required for the vigorous filling and application lines and transit journeys.