Soapbox’s Business Skyrockets Overnight!


Image of Soapbox’s Business Skyrockets Overnight!



Expansion Due to COVID-19

Soapbox has been in the industry for over 10 years selling products like hand soaps and body washes. Once the pandemic of COVID-19 hit the world, Soapbox wanted to join in the effort to help keep people clean and healthy. One of the new product categories they went into due to COVID-19 was hand sanitizer. Many other companies have also gone into the hand sanitizer business once the pandemic hit, but it was Soapbox’s previous relationships with suppliers and vendors that allowed them to skyrocket their business overnight. They went from 1 factory in the United States to now 7. Soapbox was in 3 verticals prior to COVID-19, and now they are in 7 different verticals toady.


Rapid Change in Demand: MCC Makes it Happen

With the need for hand sanitizer/soap raising so quickly, paired with the overnight success of the company, Soapbox needed a label supplier that could keep up with their high demand. MCC’s Dallas facility worked tirelessly to keep up with the needs of our customer. They worked with purchasing to add new raw material suppliers and took control to take whatever steps necessary to hit deadlines. The mindset of the MCC team allowed Soapbox to keep up with production and stay successful.


Continued Success and Efforts to Fight COVID-19

MCC is proud of our effort to support this great company. It is MCC’s mission to service the customer and help them stay on the path to success. MCC is also especially proud to represent a company that is socially responsible. Soapbox donates a bar of soap to someone in need for every product they sell. They have always done a “bar for bar” model. This year, they will be donating 10M bars of soap to people in need all around the world. A large amount of the 10M bars will also be sent domestically as the CDC recommends that washing your hands is the first line of defense against the coronavirus. Soapbox continues to gain market share and MCC continues to support with their label demand. This is a great story that results in a win-win solution for both MCC and Soapbox. We will continue to work together to help fight the coronavirus and make the world a safer place!


We have worked with the team at MCC for years to provide labels for our products. When COVID-19 hit, we knew we could rely on them to deliver. They helped prioritize production for labels that were slated for PPE products and helped us deliver millions of products to our retail partners and customers in need.

Daniel Doll, President and COO at Soapbox