Sol Shine Bright with Sun Activated Labels

Born under the Mexican sun in 1899, Sol is a brand with a strong heritage and a close association with sunshine. It is only natural that the beer incorporate solar energy into its production process.

Image of Sol Shine Bright with Sun Activated Labels



Brewed with solar energy

The sun has always been the heart and soul of Sol and now it is able to harness its power. Following the installation of 9,212 solar panels on the roof of Zoeterwoude brewery in the Netherlands, solar power plays an important role in the production process of Sol. This is a significant milestone in the brand’s journey to reducing carbon emissions and becoming more sustainable.

Power of the sun

Brand owner Heineken was searching for a solution to communicate this important initiative to its consumers. With its strong link to the sun, the team at MCC had the perfect solution in its photochromic label.

Photochromic ink changes color when exposed to sunlight. The color shifting ink is activated by UV light (typically sunlight), allowing the consumer to view the packaging change first-hand. The UV light charges or gives energy to the ink, this creates the color change, once the energy is used the ink returns to its clear state.

When exposed to sunlight, the Sol label reveals a hidden message to the consumer, enhancing their experience with the brand and reinforcing their connection with the sun and solar energy.

Photochromic ink can be applied via flexo, silk-screen and offset printing presses. It creates a unique experience for customers, and offers the potential to increase brand loyalty and for repeat sales.