Spring Wine & Spirits, Jill Johnson Nashville Stories Wine Label

Jill Johnson is a well-known country singer and has a great interest in her food and wine. She also has a TV program called “Jills veranda”, where she invites other artists to a house outside Nashville, to perform and explore the history of country music and encounter social issues.

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Jills passion for the United States and its rich history with Country Music motivated her to release a cookbook. The next natural step was to release Nashville Stories Wine.

The designer Henrik Hallberg was challenged to develop a look for her wine label, that captured her personality. The target group would not just be her loyal fans, but also those who love American-style food. The design needed to be adaptable with its branding, so it works with all wines in the future.

“With Multi-Color’s knowledge and skills, I see them as part of the design process and not just a supplier/printer of labels. They are passionate about their jobs and easy to communicate with. The Staff at Multi-Color know that a well-executed job is the best advertising, that is why they always deliver the highest standard.” – Henrik Hallberg, CH Graphiste.

The Nashville Stories icon that’s been created has a strong connection to both music and travelling. Multi-Color understood this needed to stand out so they hot foiled and embossed the area for maximum standout. Using a wine material and flooding it with colour helps to add to the quality feel of the product. All in all, it’s a great finish and sings to the tune of perfection.

Jill Johnson Wine & Spirits

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