Textured Varnish Adds Depth to the Moksha Jungle

A tiger among gins, Moksha is the spirit for free spirits. Inspired by India but crafted in Aotearoa, the Moksha brand needed to embody the vibrancy and energy of India in a contemporary, fresh and bold way.

Image of Textured Varnish Adds Depth to the Moksha Jungle



The design brief for this product was to visually bring the Indian jungle to life on a label. This involved collaborating with illustrator Victoria Garcia to create an evocative jungle scene which organically wraps around the bottle. This features key characters such as a tiger, a sambar deer and tropical plants and botanicals.

The main shape of the label is inspired by an Indian doorway, and uses a combination of large typography, Hindi script and custom icons/illustrations to create a modern yet ornate design.

Label Information