Where tradition meets state-of-the-art innovation

The Gräflich von Hardenberg’sche Distillery was built by Earl Karl-Dietrich von Hardenberg at the foot of the Hardenberg Castle in Lower Saxony, around 1700. In 1998 this traditional grain distillery was renamed; the Hardenberg-Wilthen AG, following and including also a takeover of the Saxon Wilthen distillery in 1992. The Hardenberg family Coat of Arms bears the picture of a wild-boar – once the lifesaving “family member” during a historical night siege attempt and now an integral part of the Hardenberg trademark.

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A contemporary interpretation of traditional methods  


The Hardenberg Distillery successfully combines centuries-old know-how with an innovative art of distilling. Their Hardenberg Kümmel is a real pleasure with its` mild grainy sweetness, bringing a breath of fresh air to any occasion and Hardenberg Korn, itself a well-known and popular classic, is distilled using regional wheat. Combined with fresh ingredients, this Korn has exactly what it takes to become a cult favorite.  

Attention to detail and top quality are key factors in the development and creation of the company’s handcrafted spirits. Their centuries old, unique recipes and distilling secrets are strictly guarded by the master distillers and passed down from generation to generation. On top of all of this, all ingredients are home-grown.  

An innovative drive, together with 300 years of experience in producing high-quality spirits, is as tasteable as visible in the latest product launch. The digitally-printed labels were enhanced using a hot-foil finish in combination with matt and relief varnish. The perfect companion. 


Although not quite 300 years old, the long-standing partnership with MCC has been great so far. We are particularly proud of the fact that Hardenberg-Wilthen has profited from not just one, but multiple MCC plants. We now supply the distillery with high-quality labels from our plant in Scotland, and also from the MCC plant in Bingen, Germany.  We are happy about the cooperation so far and look forward to the future!” – Holger Wenzel, Area Sales Manager, Multi-Color Bingen Germany GmbH