Whimsy and creativity result in award-winning label

Michael David Winery is a family-owned winery in Lodi, California, with over 150 years of family farming history. Founded by 5th generation brothers Michael and David Phillips, their family soil has been cultivating wine grapes since the 1860’s. With an eye for flair and creativity, their wines have won numerous awards for quality, as well as their labels.

Image of Whimsy and creativity result in award-winning label



Michael David is known for its whimsical and intricate label designs, and Sixth Sense is no exception. Mysteriously inviting, the newly updated Sixth Sense package welcomes consumers to explore the oddities and refined complexities of this dark, spice-laden wine. The team at MCC worked with Michael David to ensure the refreshed label captured the design. Printed CMYK on 70# premium high gloss with two spot varnishes, it is finished with hot foil stamping and polymer embossing, creating a mysterious and intriguing package. 

A claimed favorite varietal to both Michael and David Phillips, Syrah was first planted by the brothers in 1982 after falling in love with the wines produced from the grape on a trip through southern France.  This vineyard, located on the Michael David winery property, is one of the earliest plantings of Syrah in California and still produces exceptional grapes for this wine.

The effort that went into this label was not done in vain – it took home top honors in the 2020 TLMI awards competition, one of the most prestigious in label and packaging. Sixth Sense received a 1st Place, Best in Class, and most notably, Best in Show in the Flexography category.

Working with MCC, we were able to incorporate new print techniques and foiling, bringing added texture and eye appeal to this mysterious wine. A brighter color palate and a new interpretation of the Sixth Sense give a playful, upscale twist to the brand. The result is outstanding. 

Mike Stroh, Director of Marketing, Michael David Winery