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23rd Street Distillery - Australian Single Malt Whisky

HeaderImage_23rd St Closeup
Building on 23rd St’s range of Australian spirits and philosophy of supporting Australian artists to define the blueprint for it’s future whisky releases. With the taste profile of the liquid as the starting point for inspiration, Denomination selected the work of Australian Photographer Florencia Schvimer for its Lucious and ephemeral qualities in depicting liquid.

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Label Information

  • Producer - 23rd Street Distillery

  • Designer - Denomination

  • Label Art Photographer - Florencia Schvimer

  • Bottle Photography Credit - Liam West

  • Bottle Photography Creative Direction - Filomena Musolino

  • Varietal(s) - Australian Single Malt Whisky

  • Region - South Australia – Barley from Kangaroo Island

  • Paper - Bright White Felt

  • Embellishments - Micro Embossing, Overprinting, Embossing, Foil

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