A great Wasem Brothers production

In the heart of Germany’s largest wine-growing region of Rheinhessen, situated behind ancient monastery walls, lies the award-winning, 3000-year old Wasem Family Winery. A list of Accolades for architecture, concept and philosophy already decorate their belt and now they are on their way to an Oscar. The winners of the German Wine Institute award, "Highlight of German Wine Culture" are producing even more “star quality" and talent with their new brand.

A mysterious bubbling sound escapes the dark cellar, terrifying claws dripping with crushed bloody-red pulp reach out to get you, rich and fruity tannins devour you and suddenly you realise too late; you have been hooked….”  

- Philipp Wasem, “Film Producer” & Winemaker/Vintner


Fotocredit: schiebezimmer GmbH Mainz


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