A Label Inspired by an Organic Process

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Casa Santanera was born in 2009 from the vision of its founder, Pablo Lara, to restore tequila's respect. For him, coming from a family dedicated to cultivating agave, the most important aspect involves the plantations and working them until they reach maturity. This is why it took until 2016 for the first batch of tequila to be launched, after a long and patient wait of 7 years for the first agave to mature.
Tahona label
Tahona details
Tahona details1

In each of the labels that we have made with MCC, our expectations have been exceeded. We are quite demanding with regard to the labels we want to create, and until now MCC has never said 'it can’t be done', it always adopts the attitude and takes the view saying 'I don't know how, but we are going to achieve what you want in a label sensation, or the look or finishes of the label. 

Pablo Lara, Founder, Casa Santanera


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