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A ‘No Label’ Look to Emphasize a Gorgeous Art

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Operadora de Cueva is a distillery located in the Riviera Maya area of the Yucatan Peninsula. They use the abundant limestone filtered water of the area to produce their products. Alux Artist Series Vodka is their premium vodka, using 100% neutral grain (corn) spirits.
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The goal for this project was to generate great impact with the label, and emphasize the gorgeous art for this vodka that was designed by Patricia Fornos, a Mexican artis known as the “artist of the skulls”. Considering the label would be a fusion with the bottle, MCC selected a ‘no label’ look material with cast cure over the eyes of the women to simulate a litmus effect and hot stamping to generate “a shine” in the border of brand letters. Finally, to generate a texture to simulate hair, MCC added a tactile varnish in some areas to bring a multilevel effect.

This was a challenging label to execute technically, but MCC Guadalajara offered several great solutions that were new to the customer. That close collaboration resulted in a great label that the customer was extremely pleased with.

I cannot get over the professional service and help I received from everyone while dealing with MCC. The patience they showed me was incredible, especially on me trying to understand a process that was completely new, and they were able to get the best result.

Bartley Smith, Owner, Operadora de Cueva

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