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Company Launches Striking Package for a Good Cause

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Responder Bourbon was founded by a team of police officers and business professionals, dedicated to providing the finest Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey to support the 4.6 million brave men and woman who serve their local communities with honor, dignity and pride. In collaboration with the executives of the Bardstown Bourbon Company and a mash bill utilizing the finest of ingredients, Responder Bourbon 10-41 was born.
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Responder Bourbon not only looks great, but has launched successfully in the market. A portion of the proceeds go to charitable causes designed to support the needs of the families of Police, Fire and EMS personnel.

Responder Bourbon is new to the spirits industry, so we were starting from scratch on virtually everything. Working with MCC was a truly great experience. From start to finish, their responsiveness and professionalism was exceptional, with the final product far exceeding our expectations. The entire MCC team was incredibly knowledgeable and patient during the process, ultimately delivering everything exactly on, or ahead of, schedule.

- Responder Bourbon Co.


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