FR customer case

Refreshing design with a touch of originality and uniqueness

FR customer case
TerraVentoux is a unique vineyard in the heart of the Mont Ventoux Regional Park. From the top of its 1909 meters, the Mont Ventoux is the guardian of the region. It is a living space where winegrowers, sun and mistral wind unite to produce vines with character.

A touch of originality and uniquenes

Concerning the label, the client wanted to refresh the old visual and bring a touch of originality and uniqueness, using variable data.

Gregory, graphic designer at MCC Design, worked on the project with the help of MCC Reyrieux's technical team. He recommended, in addition to simplify the design, the use of a colored pattern randomly ordered on each label. The HP Mosaic digital printing technology made it possible to obtain an unlimited number of unique labels, thus answering the customer's desire for uniqueness and modernity.

The refreshed design has been very well received by customers who appreciate the playfulness and innovation.


"We are really satisfied with the collaboration with the MCC teams on this project, their advice was very valuable to achieve our idea; they were very professional."

Fabien Barriol, Logistics Manager


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