Sevenhill 1851, rich in history and heritage

Sevenhill is Clare Valley’s first winery. The journey of their wines began over 170 years ago when Sevenhill was founded. This is a truth not commonly known. Thus each bottle of Sevenhill features a screen printed journey line that takes consumers all the way back to 1851, then brings them back to the present moment, to the vintage they are holding in their hand.

Label Information

  • Producer - Sevenhill

  • Designer Voice®

  • Photography - Lightly Salted

  • Varietal(s) - Viognier / Touriga/ Shiraz / Cabernet Malbec / Grenache / Riesling

  • Region - Clare Valley

  • Printing - Conventional

  • Paper - Cotone Bianco

  • Embellishments - Deboss – Emboss Grain & Clear foil / Screen Printing by Glass Print

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