The art of stamping or punching specified elements on the label base stock as high up as the paper fibers will allow.

Labels with well-executed embossing can increase the perceived value of products and increase sales.

Our technical teams can help guide you on where to position embossing on a label for maximum impact. We find that embossing, coupled with special high intensity spot gloss varnish or foil stamping, delivers a dramatic look that grabs the consumer’s attention. Once the product is noticed and handled, the tactile appeal of embossing helps create a higher perceived value.

Our facilities are well-equipped to handle multiple embossing processes, each to achieve a unique look:

  • Flatbed emboss
  • Rotary emboss
  • Micro emboss

Key Features

  • Tactile element
  • Perceived luxury
  • High-end look
  • Differentiation

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