JinJiji both bottles

Foil Art

Create an illusion of light and movement, which can also be used for brand security 
JinJiji both bottles

Foil Stamping is often selected as an aesthetic element. There is a long-held industry lore that the ticket to increasing a brand’s price point is to add foil, and to increase the price point even more, to add embossing.

Illusion of light and motion

Delivering beauty, style and security, Foil art is capable of reproducing the finest and most intricate details to enhance your label's design, appeal and uniqueness. Micro images are etched into a foil plate. When this customized image is exposed to light, captivating effects of foil art create an illusion of light and motion for eye-catching impact.

Brand security applications

The micro images are an extremely intricate detail in the label, which also offers brand security applications.

Key Features

  • Relief (embossing)
  • Premiumization 
  • Illusion of light and motion 

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