Mosaic Print

Offer customers something truly unique

The randomized Mosaic design can be used in combination with personalization to create a specific targeted label.

The Mosaic software program crops, rotates, expands, and mixes seed files to create randomized artwork patterns that produce a 100% unique label for each unit.

Digital print that utilizes the HP Mosaic software can vary the image (background or fixed image) in many ways.

By predetermining the fixed base artwork to start from, the software creates a unique image (snapshot) from the base art by applying rotation (360 degrees) as well as 0-200% (zoom).

This allows a new image to be unique, and different from any other image generated from the base artwork, and never repeated (unless desired) throughout the entire production process.

Key features

  • Run campaigns and produce millions of labels each featuring a custom design.
  • Millions of unique backgrounds created from multiple base artwork backgrounds.
  • Limitless unique labels.
  • Single file creates limitless potential. More files = more diversity.
  • Lower cost tooling burden for effective entry.
  • Simplified graphics approach and proofing for agility in the marketplace.
  • Print matching to existing packaging for cohesive branding.
  • Just-in-time printing and low spoilage for marketing cycles.

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