Individualization wine and spirits bottles

Variable Data - Images

Get personal with your packaging 
Individualization wine and spirits bottles

This type of printing allows you to personalize texts and even images. Perfect for adding a touch of innovation and differentiation to your labels.

MCC Digital printing formats utilize several different digital print platforms (inkjet, electrostatic offset, etc.) that create an infinite number of variable data/images.

Determines where to create the variable image/text within the base artwork. The various print engines can recreate randomized image/data from the variable images/data supplied.

This will allow a new digitally-generated image/data (random or sequentially generated) on the base artwork, with or without repeats, throughout the entire production.

Key features

  • Enables personalization.
  • Effective tool in advertising and communication campaigns.
  • Maximum performance using minimum resources.
  • Each and everyone is unique, regardless of the number of copies.
  • Infinite number of variable data (images, texts, etc.) pulled from a list of base images or texts.

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